Thursday, 27 September 2007

Website Broken

While the school's website may be infamous for its non-existent updating, it seems that the website has been struck by a new problem: it's broken. While the homepage looks fine, delve deeper and you'll see that it's falling apart at the seams.

The Tempo page, above, has no Tempos available! All those carefully PDF'd Tempos of old are now lost. Oh dear, oh dear. Someone's really made a mistake! Will they be fired? Maybe if anyone actually notices the error here, but the website is looked at so infrequently, God knows when that will be.

And here's another mistake! The "Post 16" page displays:
error '80020009'
/Sixth.asp, line 64
To the Templar Truths staff, it looks like the page about the sixth form (sixth.asp) has an error in its coding, on line 64. This error is so serious, the page won't be displayed. Someone had better go fix it!

Visit the Temple Moor site yourself! If you spot a problem, email

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