Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Planner Troubles

That essential bit of kit for a Temple Moor student (or Templar, as we like to call them on this blog) is the planner. Lose it and you have to buy a new one, for £5. So they're not especially cheap. But are they any good? There seem to be some mistakes, blunders and printing errors in the Key Stage 4 version. These are:
  1. "Inapprpriate" instead of "inappropriate" written on the Computer Access Policy page, rule 3.
  2. "Parents/Carers signature" lacking apostrophes.
  3. Left-hand-side pages for weeks beginning 15th October, 22nd October and 29th October have no subject names on them (in my planner, at least).
  4. "Learning styles" text blurred and nearly unreadable.
  5. "Sanctions For Misdemeanours Committed Around School" chart says the orange triangle is a "Pyramid" - it is not presented in a 3D way and is so a triangle, not a pyramid.
  6. "The Rewards System - Individual" states 400 credits earns one a "Titanium" award, when the green credits pages say it's a "Certificate Of Achievement Award" - which is it?
  7. Like point 4, the Periodic Table is hard to read. The one last year was of much better quality.
  8. "Where In The World" pages have country and city names that are blurred like points 4 and 7.
That's eight mistakes. Which, for a school, is really eight mistakes too many, don't you think?

Contribute: if you've spotted any mistakes in the planners, leave a comment.


Uncle Duck said...

"A charter of Pupils' Rights"

This is quite clearly a misprint. I've never heard of these so-called rights before.

blanAbnormal said...

On the "Family Holidays" page there is a caption reading "Every day counts" Tommorow won't count, and neither did today.

Anonymous said...

On the "Emergancy" it fails to point out what you do incase of a Chemical Leak.

alex said...

the panner tells you that if your in year 10 or 11 you will need an apron for food technology, however food technology is not an option.

uncle duck said...

I found another problem with it. It sucks epic dick.

Melaisis said...

Truly an amazing post.

Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Last years planner, instead of saying "Silver Award", it said "Sliver Award"