Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Are we early? Yes! I mean, no!

As Bus 10 rolled into the Lightwater Valley, kids aboard thought "here we are". Yes, positive discipline's most positive aspect - a trip to the theme park if you get 50 or more credits and manage to keep yourself out of isolation - arrived for another year. Bus 10 was first on the scene at Lightwater, and arrived at about quarter past ten.

Upon arrival, the students on the bus were told that the bus had arrived early, and they'd have to wait another fifteen minutes sat in the coach. Yes it was hot, yes everyone wanted to go on The Ultimate as fast as they could...but the theme park wouldn't upon till 10:30. Sounds like your average blunder.

More coaches turned up, and the pupils from those coaches got off, tickets in hand, and went straight into Lightwater Valley. Apparently, it was open and the Bus 10 people had been sat on the coach for no good reason looking like idiots.

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Anonymous said...

Aye twas so embarrassing, yet annoying, cool blog btw. keep it up lol