Tuesday, 18 September 2007

SKiLZ Room

Starting tomorrow (19th of September), the School Clinic. Which will be in M6 (or the SKiLZ room as labeled).
The School Clinic will be for those that need help to quit smoking, drugs, have issues about sex, STI's, Suicidal thoughts and many other Physiological related issues.

This is infact a Trap.

The School does not like pupils smoking, so if you walk into the clinic and say, you have been smoking, these means that there is chance you will end up serving some sort of punishment.
Under aged Sex is also frowned upon, as having sex under the age of consent is chargeable (only in serious cases). So also by saying you have an STI or that you have are pregnant could end up getting someone in trouble, as well as making you a laughing stock.

However, plus points do come from this AIDs and Drugs Room.
Free Condom and Pregnancy tests for all.
Now that I have that out of the way I can talk about the other humorous things you can do in the clinic.
  1. Walk into the Clinic and say you have voices in your head. When they ask you what they say, reply with: "to breath and eat".
  2. Have a Physiology session with the school shrink. This might not sound fun, but it will get you out of lesson.

Ok, there was only 2 points, but as you imagine, having a school clinic is a good thing as not many schools have them. Yet this does show how much our school must need one more than other schools in the first place.

If you lowered the drinking, smoking, age of consent and driving laws, many laws wouldn't be broken as often.

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stryke said...

I'm planning to attend tomorrow night. My theory is that the lunchladies also double up as child psychologists. I'm planning to stage a total mental breakdown, and see how they cope. Either that, or demand a STI test, and instead of pissing in the cup, filling it with viscous tartare sauce.