Thursday, 13 September 2007

New Site Soon?

After our review of the school's official website, Templar Truths has some exciting news about the website.

An inside source has told Templar Truths that a new website may be arriving in about six months. The school's site will, apparently, move to a new host or something similar. This will mean the website may be redesigned and that's why the current website isn't at all updated. It's a plausible, and very likely true, explanation for why the website isn't updated. Ever.

Of course, if this doesn't happen, you can't see we were wrong, but you can blame our "inside source".

What features do you want to see on the new website? Add some comments!


Anonymous said...

Thor - the domain name is actually available - maybe we should move the blog there?

stryke said...

Did the source not use the words 'if all goes to plan' - those are the words I remember hearing. And face it, that's not encouraging. If all went to plan, the building work would be a lot nearer completion than it currently is. If all went to plan, there would never have been a chlorine leak. If all went to plan, the school wouldn't be a such a shit-hole.

Anonymous said...

The school is a totaly piss-pot.Its full of dirty perv's, drug using chavs and unreliable teachers. The schools gone to the dogs since sherrif left.
Have you ever noticed fleetwoods so fat his tie is always toone side of his belly? he puts it straight and it slips to one side of his huge belly. He's like a whale, the fat bastard. If he focused onthe building work instead of Mcdonalds the building work may be a bit closer to completion. Want me to write for you? i have stories. EMail me at, if had bad spelling in this comment i'm sorry it will be improved.

atomfox said...

Al, shut up ,you're not exactly the thinnest of people. Anyway, I think the website should be used as a larger source of school material. They should have all the letters that have been sent out, a school timetable, dates and even some sort of chat-room type thing so people can always refer to it if in doubt. At the moment it's just there so the school can say 'We have a website', not for benefits of pupils and parents. However, I am pretty sure they won't be moving or improving the website mainly due to our school's deserved reputation.