Wednesday, 19 September 2007


Forgive me for dwelling on a certain topic, but some topics are so important that I have no other choice. Relating back to my earlier article,, I have again been screwed over by the school office workers and their "system". (It's a great system, honestly...)

It's been only a day since my last encounter with this satan spawn of a school computer system, and yet it feels the need to draw me in again. (No, i'm not talking about a book..) Basically, for reasons I won't disclose as it may reveal my identity too easily, the school office had to ring home. But no, things can never run smoothly in Temple Moor. Instead, they managed to freeze the system. Rather than wait and let it recover and continue, the computer operater thought a better idea would be to keep clicking, typing, and bashing buttons. No, that won't fix anything. All you did was utterly destroy the computer.

So, by the time the problem was sorted (half an hour after I first went to the office), another surprise awaited me. I was now late for my last lesson. Bloody marvellous. So two thumbs up to the geniuses who work behind the scenes at Temple Moor. You sure know how to fail at life.

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