Tuesday, 11 September 2007

First assembly of the year

With a new school year, teachers try to treat us students to a mildly entertaining assembly apposed to the usual drabble. However it is just as entertaining as trainspotting (forget Ewan Mcgregor and think Pete Waterman). But the first assembly always has some hidden moral behind it that will guide students through this year of the schools never ending cycle of mental torture. For year 11, the hidden message was Jane Tomlinson died, so work hard. Well that is how it looked to me.

Also the new school production, Little shop of horrors, is under way and casting is taking place as we speak. Unlike most things on this blog, we are backing this play as the production team is mainly students and not the fascist administration we are against. Unless the production ends up being crap, then expect the longest account on this blog to date.

1 comment:

Melaisis said...

Bah guys! Don't be backing that production! It's as fascist as the System is!

What choice did we have in actually selecting Little Shop, eh!? Eh!?