Thursday, 6 September 2007

Seating plans

New School year, same old lessons, even same old classrooms and teachers, but for some reason we always end up with seating plans. Despite previous attempts to seat people in the sitting equivalent of Wengjiagang, teachers still try to irate us with what they will no doubt call; "Seating plan v2.0". To heighten agitation even more, most people are sat in the same seats as the previous plan anyway and the previous 10 minutes were for nothing.

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atomfox said...

I think seating plans are the most pointless things ever invented by teachers. For classes who spend their spare time smoking weed and can't understand ABC being as easy as 123, it is a possible solution to their... bad behaviour, but for higher sets, there is no point, it's just a way of techers trying to make controlling the class easier because they can't be arsed to make the lesson fun and useful. I work so much better when I'm with people I can comfortably discuss things with, and the occasional bit of chatter doesn't mean we're all gonna get Us, it just makes the tedious excersises a bit less suicidal. So congratulations and well done to the teachers who do let us have this drop of freedom in the sea of oppression that is school, but shame on the ones who dont. ¬_¬