Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Thinking ahead

As well as the many problems the planners contain, from first glance at the pages, it seems the school has gone all out to fix any problems with the last planner. Here is a few of the mistakes they fixed with this one.
  1. The cover and colours pages: To stop the "loseage" of pages from the planner this year. The school have seemed to have replaced these pages with a stronger plastic similar to that found at the bottom of drill bits. In fact if you had a ravenous, ten tonne, Bengal tiger and let it loose on the planner, it would not break its cover. Even with a lack of thumbs, the tiger would have destroyed any previous puny planner covers.
  2. "Miss, I've forgotten my ruler!": So many times a teacher would be haunted by that phrase, but not anymore. As well as being used as bullet proof armour by the Royal Marines, the back cover of the planner is printed an 18 centimetre ruler to aid you where ever you go. Though we reckon some teachers will give you a comment then add, like an afterthought "oh, use the one on your planner".
  3. Forgetting planners: No more will pupils forget their planner. Thanks to new technology, the red strip on the front of the planner, which seems pointless at first, in fact contains a microchip that will constantly remind you that you need your planner.

That is just a few of the improvements the government wasted the tax payers money on to make your planners even more unbearable.

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