Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Curse #1: Templar Truths presents....

In school, teachers and pupils and even the occasional Templar would need to produce a presentation using the Microsoft Office Application "PowerPoint". PowerPoint is relatively easy to use and offers an easier way to tell others pointless dabble.
However, now I am brought over to the title of this post, "Curse #1". Well that's because this post is about the very first curse in a series of curses that go on at Temple Moor High School Science Collage. This first curse being the curse of the faulty presentation.
The basics of this curse is, PowerPoint presentations don't work in the school. And here's a list of situations this curse causes.
  1. It wont load- As a pupil wanting a good mark, you have spent a good thirty minutes creating your presentation, you even sneaked in some special effects on slide 3 and 7. Only, when it comes to putting it on the teachers computer, the file with the presentation on, wont load. Too big perhaps? Something wrong with the memory storage device you're using? I don't think so.
  2. It wont slide- This effect normally only works on the interactive whiteboard. For whatever reason, the screen being out of sync or the "remote" is out of batteries. The presentation wont continue onto the next slide.
  3. Slide is going too fast- We've all seen this before, someone clicks the presentation to move, and it doesn't. So for good measure, they click it again, and again, and again. The pupils face finally lights up in glee as the presentation continues. As they turn back to the audience and continue reading, the fourteen other clicks you made catch up, and before you know the slide has ran to the end.

That is only a few of the problems you will find in the school to do with presentations. Coincidence? These happen a lot, so that is why it gets to be the first Curse in the Templar's Curses series.


stryke said...

Is everyone's favourite science teacher going to be listed as a curse? (I'm sure you know exactly who I mean...)

Belatu-Cadros said...

I dunno, could be :D

Anonymous said...