Sunday, 16 September 2007

The Shameless Americanisation Of TMHS

At about this time last year, we learnt that the school staff would have new job titles. The headteacher would become known as the "principal" and this would go on throughout the ranks. The school newsletter (reviewed by Templar Truths here) said it was all part of a review to recognise what's necessary for a school in the 21st Century. You'd think the first step would be to make the school a wonderful place of learning, free from all problems, but no - they'll change job titles. That's really modern. Here's what the newsletter said:
As part of the review the governors decided it would be appropriate to follow the lead of many other schools in the UK and abroad (even in the Simpsons!) and move away from Headteacher to Principal, Deputy Headteacher to Deputy Principal and Assistant Headteacher to Assistant Principal
That's their justification for it all. While some schools might be calling their headteachers "principals", does that me we have to jump on the bandwagon? Because Temple Moor tried to kill off its pupils with chlorine gas, does that mean that other schools will? No. Why? Because it's a stupid idea.

And then the school admits it's pinching the idea from America. So we went along with a war in Iraq, but we don't have to copy everything the Americans do. The school had better not start calling petrol "gas" or looking in the dark with "flashlights" - Templar readers will be the first to know if they do, though. It's Americanisation and it's pointless. Why is it necessary? Oh's not. It's utter drivel and nonsense.

It gets worse, though. In another newsletter (warning, it's a PDF file), the school is asking for people to fill up the job vacancy of dinnerlady. But apparently it's not PC or American enough, so what the advert asks for is a "Lunchtime Supervisory Assistant". Really. Why the big words and fancy names? Is it to disguise the job of dinnerlady? It makes you think...

"But what can I do about it?" Well, I'm glad you asked, reader, because we at Templar Truths don't like all this talk of principals, so we ask you to do one thing: don't use the term. Call Mr Fleetwood "headteacher" and stage a mini-revolt. We might not beat them, but we'll never join them!

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