Saturday, 22 September 2007

Curse #3: New Headteacher

Is this Mr Fleetwood's fault?

The principal headmaster that replaced Mr Sherriff - is he a curse on the school? Mr Fleetwood arrived to fill the spot of headteacher, and he's done an alright job. Really. Apart from the unfortunate fact that he seems to be a jinx upon Temple Moor.

I can tell you're not convinced. So let's look at what's happened since Mr Fleetwood's inception as leader of the school - first posted by stryke in this post.
  1. A fire, which destroyed a tree and a conservatory (see video, above)
  2. A chlorine gas leak, which threatened many lives
  3. A pupil's suicide (RIP)
  4. Ambulances have arrived five times
  5. Smoking has increased
  6. Younger pupils openly exchanging drugs
  7. BSF project fallen behind schedule by months
Now, we're not blaming him for these things, we're just saying they've all happened while he's been in charge. Perhaps he's a cursed being, perhaps it's karma getting its own back on him for something or maybe it's all a coincidence. Who knows...?

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