Sunday, 30 September 2007

Monthly Roundup

Here's a quick insight into what's being going on behind the scenes of Templar Truths this month, in handy bullet point form.
  • Most of our readers are in Year 11 - 47 of them voted. There's one reader in Years 7-9, and one in Year 13. We have two Year 10 readers and three Year 12 readers. Thanks to all who voted.
  • Blogger can't add up to 100, its percentages have been odd by a bit quite often. Don't worry, we're going to shoot those responsible.
  • We've had one writer-wannabe email us. But he couldn't spell for his life.
  • Reader "Jess" sent us this incomprehensible nonsense:
    "it is very difficult to tell which homework has been set, due to this new layout i can now see fountain pen ink on my hand from three days ago which has become my new planner page"
  • We want to know who the idiot "anonymous" commenter is. He's posted here and here.
Finally, if you'd like to send us a (true) story about Temple Moor, we'll feature it in the next monthly roundup at the end of October, or possibly sooner if it's really good. Also email if you'd like to be mentioned on the blog as a fan. Like a certain Josh Pye person, who wanted his name broadcast on the Internet on a blog about the school he attends. Which was a really clever idea, because the Internet isn't full of 'bad people' at all, is it?
(The person who wanted the mention has decided it's perhaps not the best idea, so we've crossed out his name to protect his privacy.)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I have a story,Our school(temple moor) is full of racists, Somebody spilt chocolate milk on the floor and and everyone surronded the brown puddle screaming a certain person with dark coloured skin had melted,how imature...
People often describe black people in nasty ways.
In our R.e lesson we were talking about the ku klux Klan, we had a black boy in our class, Antonio, and everyone looked at him,it made the little n**** feel very sad...and really nobody cared....
I am in year 8, andseveral of your writers may be familiar with my name is....well you sometimes see me and 2 other friends sam and tim on the way home from school...of course my name is AL! ok i'm off now bye....