Monday, 24 September 2007

RAG - It's Traffic Lights, TMHS Style

Traffic light systems seem to be assaulting Temple Moor and not letting go. They're used for many things now (soon, reports home will be coloured cards, we reckon) but they're not traffic lights now. In assembly for Year 11s, a teacher called the traffic light system for attendance "RAG".

At first, his audience thought he was going mad, but no. RAG stands for "Red, Amber, Green". Instead of the simple-to-understand concept of traffic lights, the school's given it a wholly unnecessary acronym that will need explaining.

And why have they done this? It's blatantly obvious they've stolen the idea from traffic lights, they don't need to badly conceal it. Perhaps they realised traffic lights were over-used in Temple Moor and tried to still use them, but change the name. It's not even necessary. Anyone with half a brain can figure out that attendance above 95% is good. Or is the school's system of infinite monkeys on typewriters unable to decode percentages and only works in colours?

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