Thursday, 6 September 2007

New tie colours

At the beginning of last year, the school ditched the old diagonally-striped ties in favour of four different ties: one for each of the houses. Silver/grey, yellow, red and purple were the chosen colours - and they botched even that because Sirius house's "house colour" is white not silver, nor grey. But it seems like the school have decided that the original colours weren't so good and have replaced them.

The Capella tie has gone from being bright yellow to a duller yellow or 'gold'. And while the appeal of gold may be strong at first, some Templars have taken a great dislike to it. One called it "mustard" and "green", probably not the look the school was aiming for. And while some pupils who have been moved into new forms will have to wear these new ties and stick out, all new Year 7 Templars in Capella will have to stick with these new ties. We think the colour is this colour.

We've also heard rumours that there are red ties which actually look pink and the purple ties have "turned some awful indigo kinda colour", according to one source. If you've got an opinion or more information on the new tie colours, add a comment. Anything else tie-related can be sent to the email address in the sidebar.

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