Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Lest We Forget...

Today, as I'm sure no one needs reminding, is the sixth anniversary of 9/11 - the day when, basically put, the world changed because of nineteen terrorists (don't believe the conspiracy theorists). And on that day, 2974 people died because of heartless attacks.

To remember nearly three thousand lives that were taken in the most horrible way, it is customary to participate in a minute's thoughtful silence. However, Templars were not informed of any such activity that would happen - and indeed, none did.

While some classes took it upon themselves to grace the dead with their own minute's silence, no bells were sounded and thus no official silence occurred. Whether through administrative cock-up or whatever, is there any excuse to neglect the memory of those who died? Should Temple Moor be shamed? Surely the answer is yes.

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