Wednesday, 19 September 2007

First Fire Drill

So it's still near the start of the year and that means we need a fire drill for those year sevens. But this clearly means everyone has to get involved, and so we did.

About halfway through period two, we heard the unmistakable (and thoroughly annoying) fire alarm noise. My teacher - a substitute who's getting to grips with the school system, so that was funny - had his immediate, responsive command: "hang on". Hang on‽ What is he talking about? Shall we just wait here and see if the floor starts burning, then leave?

Eventually, we were all assembled outside the school to be registered. Which was fun, what with it being cold and ultimately tedious. Fleetwood made some speech which, as is usual in these situations, no one could hear. Soon enough, we were heading back in - but not before "a certain teacher" fell over, completely humiliating himself. Again.

On the walk back to class (all remaining five minutes), one teacher - a female geography teacher, if you must know - went around the fence next to the path. I asked, out loud, "why is she allowed to do it?". Another teacher, in front of me, turned around and said "exactly". Is there some tension between the teachers? Another Templar exclusive!

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