Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Geography Film Posters - They Suck

Geography is a subject that, often, gets quite boring. It can be slow, sluggish and a pain. Luckily, Temple Moor's geography department has decided to decorate many hut walls with all sorts of colourful things. Unluckily, the majority of this is badly spelt work by pupils, 'informative' posters or...film posters.

Desperate to shed an image of being uncool and boring, there are many geography film posters which are supposed to liven things up and be trendy. But they're just painfully bad - except a few. In the beginning, they were alright and the puns were good. The Fast & The Furious: Longshore Drift was, I'll admit, a masterful fusion of geography terminology with a film. The Dukes Of Natural Hazzard and Curious Geography followed suit. But the brilliance was short-lived. GeogFellas was lame, for example. But soon, it started getting away from puns.

Shrek the Third was a poster that had, in WordArt, the words "Biodiversity in Ecosystems" slapped across it. While I do geography, I struggle to comprehend any meaning to this. The latest posters have been of a similar fashion. Ocean's 13 had "The Multiplier Effect" written on it and, perhaps the most brutal ever, Die Hard 4 had "6000 children die each day from drinking dirty water" emblazoned over Bruce Willis, which was when I knew that geography film posters were going to be rubbish forever.

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