Friday, 7 September 2007

School Website: A Review

"All the latest news and information as it happens" is what you'll get from the official Temple Moor website, according to the latest planners. Now, we know - from a previous post - that the school planner is hardly likely to contain the most reliable information. But does it in this case?

No. The planner is totally wrong.

The scrolling "latest news" headlines declares its latest news: the Ofsted report...from October 2006. In terms of news, it's as up-to-the-minute as the news that Princess Diana is dead (I'm looking at you, the Daily Express). In fact, click on "latest news" and you'll see that the Ofsted news is the only news on the website. Really.

The site's homepage has a few paragraphs summing up why the school has bought the domain name and set up the website. It's finished by the head...sorry...the principal writing his name. Amazingly, the words haven't changed a bit since the principal swap. Odd, that...

One of the website's more ingenious functions is providing copies of the newsletter - which, as you may know, never tells you any real news - and Tempo (a magazine which doesn't so much inform as back-pat). The last Tempo is from February, and I'm fairly sure there's been Tempos since then. As for newsletters, the "latest" one is from September 1st, last year. It's over a year old!

Everything else seems to be in order, and the site is fairly well designed. Not by pupils or staff, but by some unrelated company. The copyright, though, is for 2005 - hardly regular updating, eh?

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