Thursday, 13 September 2007

Upper school awards evening

Now let me start by saying, we don't find faults in everything at school and exploit it, and some aspects of school can be ok.

Yesterday the Upper school awards evening took place, although pointless and overly long, the evening shows successes of pupils from all years (this being years 10-13 due to it being "Upper School").
Like all "national television award" type evenings hosted by The establishment, the evening had its pointless and good rewards, from the shitty Form award to the special head of year awards.
As well as other evenings, there was also the pointless musical interludes, however these interludes (although still pointless) were actually very good for a change. As well as that, they also sang and played familiar songs such as songs by the Scissor Sisters, opposed to the usual religious babble.

For those that went, might have had some enjoyment (at least the music kept my sanity) from Mr William's Return. However I do not feel it was worth going to over the England Match (we won 3-0 for those that don't know).

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