Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Cure #2: Epic Fail Guy

This second curse at the school surrounds on of the teachers. Due to our Templar Rules, we cannot of course give the identity of this teacher, so for the sake of a persona, we shall just call him "Epic Fail Guy".

Epic Fail Guy himself is not a curse, jinx or other omen, but is in fact surrounded with, what we Templars like to call, the "Epic Fail" curse. Perhaps nearly every lesson this teacher, well teaches (duh!), contains several blunders or "Epic fails". Which is of course where the unoriginal identity comes from.

Trying to explain the cause of this curse is futile, but here's some of the stuff that happens to Epic Fail Guy.

  1. Lesson requires Internet access and for whatever reason, the Internet wont work.
  2. In his lessons, he is required to do more than paper and pen work, however due to his curse, these always nearly end in failure.

One Templar has even gone about noting down as many fails as he can in the school year. And all these fails that will occur in this time is why Epic Fail Guy is the second curse in the series.

Oh yes, and we think Epic Movie also Epic Fails.

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