Thursday, 31 January 2008

Monthly Roundup

January: it's the first month of the year. So it's nice if we can have a good start - a "happy" new year. Of course, going to Temple Moor means it's unlikely to be fantastic, but here's some of the news we've missed:
  • Several "fights" broke out, some ending with Templars landing on the floor and even bigger crowds gathering.
  • Here's a story from a girl who emailed us:
    Last week, i was informed by my maths teacher that him and another teacher got locked in school. he was in the library at the top with this other teacher. The death, dopey janiter came in and spoke to the teacher, who said he wont be long.. so the janitor turned the lights off at the bottom of the library, when the janitor eventually finishes cleaning and what not, he forgets about the two teachers! These teachers are going round the school trying to find a way out,, the sensor cameras picked up there movement, eventually the janitor heard them and let them out.

  • The results of our latest poll are in: most people think our current Principal should be arrested for involvement with the gas attack. However, seven out of fifty-two voters think Mr Fleetwood should be praised for his work.
  • We have a decent reason for a new building. One maths classroom's door handles fell off this week, meaning if it was closed, you couldn't get out. After a temporary solution - putting the bin in the doorway - the teacher seems to have done an excellent job of repairing the handle.
  • The school is preparing to get, if they haven't already, PlayStation Portables. Not for the staff to play with, but to help students learn in a "fun" way. The PSPs will probably work with the school's previously mentioned wi-fi network.
  • Even the PE department seem to be neglecting their "keep off the grass" signs...or is this more hypocrisy?
  • There seems to be a sudden surge in after-school lessons - meaning some pupils have multiple lessons to go to simultaneously. Lacking Harry Potter time-travel skills, what are those unfortunate people supposed to do? Also, note how attendance to these sessions is governed by everybody's favourite grading system, RAG analysis.
Finally a note for one Templar: David, you asked a Templar Truths writer to write of your ordeal when your teacher wouldn't let you take off your jumper. Stop being so stupid and get over it!

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Melaisis said...

First! Which makes a change since this blog gets more stick than a bloody tree branch.

Anyway, sorry guys, but what way is this 'news' or even an update? We all figured that fights are frequent nowadays, although I'm not sure why the lower years are so blood thirsty. Its probably what they put in the water. :/

On a completely different and more positive note, RAG revision actually worked for a the vast majority of people last year. But only when it came to the key subjects. The problems you're experiencing currently are probably down to all the 'choice' lessons being held on one night. This didn't really turn into much of an issue because those subject teachers couldn't be arsed hosting revision on specified occasions anyway and chose, very wisely, to be more flexible.

Be concerned if Upper School Office start badgering you because you had clashes with other lessons and thus, unless you defied the laws of space and time, couldn't attend both the sessions.