Wednesday, 16 January 2008

The recession of currency.

Thanks to our sources behind the PD store, we at Templar Truths now know the lay down for the school PD store. Information the school is still yet to publish.

Well to start with, the school are taking a leaf out of the Dark Ages book and the currency for the PD store is going to be pigs. And the exchange between credit to pig is 50:1. Also these pigs are not reusable. So the average student is expected to get about 2 to 3 pigs a school year.

But what will the store be selling? Unfortunately, it is craptastic things this stationary we hoped wouldn't happen. However as it turns out, you can put all your pigs in one basket as the phrase goes in Temple Moor. If you're feeling lucky. You can be just like the other 250 students in your year and use your pigs to enter a raffle were you can win an Apple iPod. The amount of iPods that are going to be raffled is unknown at the moment. However knowing our school, expect a grand total of one. Also I bet we'll see some sort of additional fee when entering the raffle. £5, £10 maybe?

The store will be open on the last week of school after school. Probably because the school feel it might "disrupt" lesson times if it was at break or lunch. Regardless, with it's poor start to the school year so far, expect this, like all other Temple Moor projects, to go tits up.

In other news, it was Year 11 parents evening earlier tonight. Expect more on that tomorrow after we get a wide spread (and frankly one sided) opinion.

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