Thursday, 24 January 2008

Assistant Principal

This might sound abit big headed, but when it comes to digging up dirt about the school, we're good, very good.

I thought it would be a good idea to see if anyone else is blogging about the school. Of course we're still out on top. However this website came into our view from a website called "Eteach".
The website in question is a job finder for education related jobs. One specific job stood out above the rest.

Assistant Principal
Employer: Temple Moor High School
Of course we had to find out more. Apparently the school wants a new Assistant Principal for April or September 2008. The school brags that it produces results of 57% 5+ A*-C at GCSE which is actually pretty good but from of course we're not here to congratulate the school for anything good, are we?
Now lets see what they demand in an Assistant Principal.
We are looking for someone who:
• is hardworking, innovative, flexible and a talented leader;
Yeh? Maybe they'll be good enough to finally stop that meddling blog.
• has vision and determination and seeks to make impact at a whole school level;
Make an impact. Haven't we already done that?
• will be responsible for leading intervention or curriculum;
I can't think of a quirk. That's how fail that request is.
• is able to think strategically and creatively with an excellent understanding of current developments in education.
Who understands the developments of the school more than we do?
Of course, the employee needs information back in return, lets see what the school have to offer.
We offer:
• the benefits of Science specialist status and substantial capital investment throughout the school, being in phase one of the Government’s ‘Building Schools For The Future’ programme;
Phase one is to test the work efficiency of Polish people.
• excellent professional development;
Yes, at Temple Moor, you'll know how to break up a non existent fight in your first week.
• excellent relationships at all levels;
Because we're all the best of friends at Temple Moor.
• an opportunity to join a successful and forward looking team.
Being forward looking is how we successfully write this blog behind your back.
Well we Templars look congratulate the meat the school picks for this role. Maybe he/she will be a bigger fan of the blog than the staff we currently have.
If you'd like to apply for the job, you can find the Job details here.
On a side note; seeing as the next post is going to be our 100th, we'd like to do something special. So I'm going to briefly mention the magnitude of non existent fights popping up several times a day this week. So far we've has one broken skull. We find it all hilarious.


F43L said...

Since we managed to bring this information into cyberspace way before it's ever going to appear on Temple Moor's rarely updated web site, please thank us greatly once you get the job. Assuming anyone applies.

atomfox said...

i just hope we get a good assistant principle, that won't be influenced by the school and possibly even uses this blog as a main resource for ideas.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...


Melaisis said...

I'm applying.