Friday, 25 January 2008

One hundred!

Though we've appealed for emails, you've sent none. As such, we've very little to put in our congratulatory hundredth post. So we'll take a dip into our inbox archives, to deliver never-before-read content. We'll also be including some other rubbish. Stick around, though - it's more fun than Temple Moor, guaranteed.

Here's some fan-mail we've had:
Gentlemen, or Madams, I have just been directed to your blog. I take my hat off to you fine people! Being an ex-student of what I fondly call The Shit-house, I found myself clutching at my sides in laughter at your posts. Funny, yet compleatly true. I'm so glad I got out to collage, as it would seem the school has become well and truly, defunkt. Congratulations again, and keep up the good work.

Oh yeah, I dont normaly talk like that. I just figured you deserve some respect, you've done something totally awsome and narly. Rock on!

Even anon61 - who started sending hate mail - has seen some sense:
Just like to congratulate you on the more recent articles, quite witty and gave me a laugh

However, we're sure some school staff - those who are pro-censorship - still hate us. But do we care? Not really, we're going to carry on. Here's some news we received on January 18:
I'm surprised at you kiddos
None of you have reported on the fight in a history class this week.
Between 2 girls and it required 5 teachers to break it up
And, as far as I know, no punishment (apart from a meeting with their parents avec Fleetwood) was given

We hadn't heard about the fight, if we're honest. But no punishment? Sounds very...typical. Which is a shame, isn't it?

What's going to happen in the future of Templar Truths? You might be aware that some teachers know about the blog and read it. Some people have managed to block the website on school computers - though that hasn't stopped us. In fact, the effect is opposite. Why aren't we giving up? Because people should have the option to read propaganda, distributed by the establishment, and read a more truthful view of what's going on - by those living through the daily strife.

Keep tuned through the weeks, months and terms ahead. Why? For "quality" journalism, news available faster than any other source (and only slightly biased), honest reporting, a varying amount of authors (a new one coming soon) and much satire at the expense of Temple Moor.

Here's to the next hundred! May school be as mad as this:


Belatu-Cadros said...

Congrats guys ^^.

I have an incline that Anon's e-mail is a lie. Much like the cake.

Qua? said...

Oh yeahh

Get me

My e-mail was printed


And it was just a bitch fight, lots of scratching, pulling hair etc.

A bit of a laugh.

Oh yeahh

And congrats on your 100th post


Qua? said...

Oh, one more thing.

Those people in the video yeahh

They're usually like that.

Complete retards

Anonymous said...

Congratulations , Faggots I didn't laugh once at any of your posts you faggots faggy fag's cunts

from sam philipz xx

Anonymous said...

Who the fuck signs comments with 'xx'... x's stand for kisses, u queer cunt

Melaisis said...

xDD! The video! Newell's famous!

Anonymous said...

you see i wouldnt mind if you asked me first before you posted the video in here but doing so without asking just take the pisss :/

and qua? whoever the fuck you i dont really give fuck

Dee4leeds said...

Sorry Melaisis, we all know my clearly perfect cameo is the best. I was miles away...