Friday, 25 January 2008

Planning for the worst

Despite celebrating the start of the 7 day holiday Winter-een-mas, we Templars have still been digging up dirt on the school.

Apparently our dear headteacher is planning for the worse. A buddy contact system has been recently set up to help spread a message to staff quickly in case of unexpected closure of the school. Each teacher is assigned two other teachers. The first teacher he/she is assigned will be the one who gives them the message, the second is who they then contact. In sense, a very large game of Chinese whispers.

But why would a system like this need to be set up? Even in time of mass floods about the country the school has remained open. And when we were gassed the staff were already at school. So whats the point? Unless for once the school have finally kept something a secret from us. Perhaps our headteacher expects bad weather is coming. Or Chlorine leak v2.0.
Who knows, but the school must be closing for some reason in the days to come or else this system would be a waste setting up.

E-mail us with any ideas as to what the school have in store for us. Maybe we'll slip in a speculation or two in future posts.


Thor said...

My guess is BSF. If the school's going to close temporarily at some point soon, it'll be down to those builders.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Who posted the deleted comment? What did they say?

Thor said...

The deleted comment was not only mildly stupid and trying to be threatening, but they also made an attempt to name the writers. They were, for the record, wrong.

Anonymous said...

I wish..

Melaisis said...

CAD reference in here.

Bah. Slagging off Temple Moor now supporting Tim Buckley's repetitive webcomics?