Friday, 18 January 2008

Email contributions

We've been getting emails again! Not just complaints, either. One reader - we won't name them - has found a huge flaw in the Sixth Form planners.
Having read your piece on the 'mistakes, blunders and printing errors' which appear in the Key Stage 4 version of the Temple Moor Planner, I was prompted to inform you of a disastrous fault with the Sixth Form version of the sacred text. As you and your readers may or may not know, the Sixth Form at Temple Moor is twinned with the Sixth Form at that other guiding light in the world of education... Brigshaw. As a result, the same planner is used by the Sixth Forms of both schools and many Templars find themselves regularly commuting between the two for their lessons. As you can imagine, this can be quite confusing, arriving at another school with no idea of where to find your next lesson. And so those clever boffins behind the construction of the planner have helpfully provided maps of both schools. 'GENIUS!' I hear you cry, but wait, on closer inspection these maps are nothing but an emalgamation of random lines strewn accross five pages...well OK, maybe a slight exaggeration, but I defy you to find your way around either school using them, whilst the map of Temple Moor seems to overlook the fact that indeed both sexes have a requirement to urinate, by only featuring girls toilets!

So it's not just the Key Stage 4 planners. We've found a new mistake in them as well: check your credits pages, in between 68 and 70. What number's there? 79! If I didn't know better, I'd swear this was a rubbish attempt to stop smutty jokes.

On to the next email, then:
I feel I must write and complain about the shocking standard of grammar and spelling in the latest 'news items' on your site. It seems to me that the 'writer' must be in one of the bottom Year 11 sets.

In fact the writer ( and also other people involved with this website) must have very sad lives to spend so much time writing so much rubbish. I feel sorry for them in fact just one comment to make

get a life!

you sad people!

Indeed. Now, we could sit here and pick fault with your email (there's a few mistakes), but we're not going to bother ourselves. Instead, we'll just say that your email address is Whether it's your real address or not, everyone at Templar Truths invites every reader to send abusive text, images or, better still, viruses, trojans, spyware or other malicious code.
Templar Truths Top Tip: to prevent anon61 sending bad stuff back, go to your options and set him as a "blocked sender" or use some sort of filter.


Anonymous said...

Anon61... original. Why not add "sexcii gurrl" or "buff boii" to your name, to make it even more original? Tool.

Anonymous said...

If its such an issue for them that this site is here why do they bother coming on it? i believe its them who should get a life :) peace!

Wombatlord said...

Heh heh heh...


The price of fame though guys :P