Monday, 14 January 2008

Not for Smiley faces.

Well as a lot of people will know, we now have a new head of PD (nothing positive about it) at Temple Moor. Despite the post a week or so back, I wont name names. However I personally think that giving this specific teacher the role of "head of PD" is like bringing Hitler back to life and arming him for World War three. In the passed this teacher has annoyed pupils with her annoying ability of making a half an hour video last three weeks. Now we could find a time relapse and the cane will be brought back.

Anyway, onto the main point of this post. The school is finally going to do something about their PD shop. Templar truths has heard from a very reliable source that tomorrow, the new head of PD is meeting with some students to start the PD shop. If the students are as mentally inclined as the Templars we hope they are, they will hopefully get us merchandise in the store that does not just consist of vouchers to stores we never go to or stationary.

However one problem I see is, a lot of people (including myself) have reduced (or improved) the PD shop stamps page in an area to draw smiley faces in. But who couldn't resist drawing smiley faces when you have a useless page filled with big inviting circles?

Hopefully we can get information about tomorrows meeting ASAP and expose the sinister truth.

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