Sunday, 20 January 2008

Nice marketing

Go to Temple Moor's Wikipedia page. Some person has decided to add a photo. I can honestly say that person is either phenomenonally stupid or has a brilliant sense of humour. Here's the photo they've added:They got it off the school's official website. It's clearly the best picture to sum up Temple Moor that's even been taken.

Firstly, it's the old building, with no hints of newness. Except that wildly out-of-place sign. That's Temple Moor: slightly outdated. Brilliant.

Then there's a skeleton leaning against the sign symbolises so much, however. Temple Moor is so inadequate, it doesn't notice corpses lying around and decaying...deciding just to leave it there. It encapsulates the true boredom we all experience during those tedious lessons. Lastly, it shows the recent troubles of death that have floated around Temple Moor. So much, in fact, that the choosing of this image could be condemned as offensive. It's blatantly not, though, and we're not the sort to...uh...make stuff up.

Congratulations, then, to Temple Moor's PR department. Who have managed, in one JPEG, to speak more eloquently about Temple Moor than many of our words at Templar Truths.

Side Note: the wittily-named anon61 is still going on at us. If he's still hanging around here, just stop it, please. We don't want to engage in a war that we'll likely win.


Anonymous said...

The image is up for deletion unless someone sorts out it's copyrite O.o

F43L said...

No, that was the previous image. This one is used under fair use laws.