Thursday, 24 January 2008

The following message is censored.

As are all of our other posts, should you happen to search for Templar Truths on school computers. Another pupil brought it to our attention today that the school has blocked any instances of the words "Templar Truths" from the internet. If you bash in the blog URL - the browser just closes itself. Should you search "Templar Truths" in google - again, the computers detect the words, and again the browser closes.

Any webpage bearing the words Templar Truths instantly causes the browser to close down. And to be honest, upon hearing this news, we at Templar Truths are positively thrilled. The school, having already e-mailed us prior to this discovery, have now blocked our humble blog, or any potential reference to it. To be honest, this pretty well proves what we knew from the very beginning. The school are scared of us. It's not like pupils ever spend masses of time reading the blog in school anyway, is it? So they aren't blocking it just because it's a distraction. They're blocking it because the school does not want you to know about Templar Truths. So let us counteract this, by spreading knowledge of the blog through word of mouth, advertisement, and MSN... The more people reading this blog, the more anxious the school start to get. As this is our 98th post, I can safely say; Templar Truths 98, Temple Moor 0.

A lot of bloggers here have their own views on this, so let's do something somewaht different, and see what this revelation means to some of our staff.


To be honest, I think this is a major victory for Templar Truths. It's showing how scared the school have become, and it's showing that they are desperate to stop pupils reading our blog. So they have essentially censored us, much like the facist government they seem to have become; meant in the nicest way possible, of course. *cough*

The school know of us, we have definitive proof of that, but now they are acknowledging us as a threat. We do not intend to threaten the integrity of Temple Moor, far from it - but the school do everything within their power to hide all of the daily mishaps going on, and pave over it with the weak looking newsletters distributed every millenia or so. We, therefore, provide simple balance by accentuating the negatives. If the school are scared of us revealing a few home truths to the wider public, they shouldn't be wasting time blocking us, they should be spending their time doing valuable activities like paying attention to our critiques and trying to improve on the situation.

The fact that Temple Moor are doing this is only going to spur the team at Templar Truths to keep going, and every mention of the blog they make is only advertisement to us. It has also been rumoured that certain teachers have mentioned our humble blog before their classes today; should that be true, I shall be highly amused. Fancy trying to block us on school computers, then advertise us so brilliantly during teaching time. Nice. I suggest Temple Moor stop viewing us as a terrorist organisation, and start paying attention to us. We point out the issues; Temple Moor should be fixing them. But as ever, Temple Moor even fail at that...

China censors the Internet. They don't anyone bashing those in charge, making references to things they'd rather forget. In short, criticism is banned from the Internet. There's a difference between Temple Moor and China: one of them is communist (the other is liberal fascist).

Why are Temple Moor doing this? I think the answer to that is quite clear. They're afraid. They don't want everyone to know about the disasters that occur. Their official stories are the ones they want to reach your eyes. They will attempt to make this happen by blocking Templar Truths from the school computers.

Anyone spot a flaw here? I do: people can access the blog at home. The large majority of readers probably don't read the blog at school. So denying the website's existence is pathetic and really isn't going to work. We applaud the techies who implemented this censorship, though. It's clever. If the blog URL or "templar" and "truths" are in part of the URL you're trying to access, Internet Explorer will shut down. Clever stuff, indeed...unless you go home, open up your Internet browser of choice and go to the blog.

From me, Thor, just one last message: we won't give up.


To put it bluntly, I "lol'd IRL" when I tested this. Firstly the idea that we'd even bother viewing the blog in school is obsured seeing as we use aliases and there for want to keep our anonimity. Secondly it is hillarious to think we've actually pissed off the school even after finding out that half the staff read this.

The school couldn't get the Leeds learning network (0r netfail) to black list is, no no no. So they did the next silliest thing they could do which is stop pupils from even searching the blog. So much for net neutrality.

The funniest thing is, the school must think that this move has crippled us despite every thing from writing the blog, advertising and even reading the blog happens at home.

Congratulations Temple Moor on this latest blunder.

Smoking Man
Oh, another brilliant idea from those clever people at Temple Moor. I ROFLMAO'd when i heard this.

So they've blocked any mention of the words "Templar Truths" on school computers? This says two things: First, the school is scared of us. To quote A Few Good Men: "You can't handle the truth!" or at least that's what Temple Moor thinks, and the fact that they go so far to stop the spread of truth just solidifies the fact that Temple Moor don't want people to know what really happens at their school.

And second: They think this will stop us. They are wrong.

This feeble attempt at stopping people finding out about and reading our blog is, like the BSF project, going to fail big style. Don't they know as soon as anything is banned it increases in popularity no end? Obviously not, and seeing as though we (allegedly) have teachers mentioning our blog during class-time, we should see and increase in readers in no time at all.

I would like to end this post with a big thank-you to all our readers who have been spreading the word about us, and i would also like to thank the Temple Moor staff for doing this.

That's all the Templar Truths writing staff (pretty much) and their two cents (combined to make eight whole cents! Wow!) on our blog being blocked by school computers.

Remember, our 100th post is nigh, so email us with anything TMHS-related. We'd be glad to host videos, photos and text. Just email We can't guarantee it'll end up on the site, but it's guaranteed to be looked at. Remember, few emails = little content in Post 100. So, y'know, email.


Nick said...

You had the legal threats yet? I managed those when I ran a much less controversial school news site. Either way, congrats on getting them nervous! I was worried that when I left there'd be nobody left to wind up the administration, but it looks like I was wrong.

If you're ever looking for some more substantial hosting than blogger (More customisable as well) then get in touch with me - details on my site.

F43L said...

Nope, no legal threats that I'm aware of. Since, in all fairness, we're doing nothing wrong. We point out faults, and make them a little more public. If the school has a problem with that, they should be making ammends and leaving us with nothing to blog about - rather than threatening us with legal action.