Monday, 14 January 2008

A warning...

A reader decided to stop reading and start writing. Listen to his words of advice:
During a lesson of a so called maths, we managed to have a fully blown music quiz, mildly ignore a fire drill for at least 10 seconds before his vodka laced ears realised we had to evacuate, and did very little work. I write to you to worn you of this man, despite the fact that I am vastly unaware of his name, these factors should be enough to recognise him, and if you spot him, run a mile!

A "fully blown music quiz", indeed! What are these teachers like?


Belatu-Cadros said...

This is the 1/3 = 1/3 = 1.16* guy isn't it?
Yea, he fail.

Stryke said...

This is also the man who tried to demonstrate a curved line graph with three rigid pens, all held together by his meat-cleaver like hands, and also had to verify his teachings with - you guessed it - his pupils.