Thursday, 17 January 2008

iMedia and other miscellania

Well, just two months (give or take a week or two) until the current batch of Year 11s give their final choices for Sixth Form, and what a disappointment it is that the iMedia course, which was offered to students on the 6th form open evening a few months back, is still yet to be confirmed. Some students have already placed the subject as a preliminary option, and now have little time left before the final decision. And whilst ICT staff are "relatively" sure it is likely to be accepted, it is disputable whether the subject will be given the same value as, say, ICT.

It is possible that an 'A' in this subject, assuming it is given the green light, will be valued as a 'B' by employers. Ain't that a kick in the teeth? Should a subject really be offered, if a) Staff can't asure potential pupils that the course will even materialise, especially within two months of the final date for decisions, and b) if it isn't given the right qualification? Whilst I agree that subjects should be tested, I doubt it should be offered up alongside genuine options when there is a big risk of it suddenly being pulled, or decreditted, with no time to make ammends to options.

Now, the other "miscellania", as promised. The school fire alarms over the past two weeks truly were set off by, first, the shower, and secondly, the builders (through whatever means they managed to trigger the system.) I have to say, the fire alarm system is rather too sensitive when a shower of all things can force pupils to stand outside in harsh conditions for however long.

Furthermore, P.E. lessons for the majority of students (it is assumed) were cancelled this week due to waterlogged pitches. That will always be a problem around this time of year, or at any time of year in this country. Something needs to be done. Since we're rebuilding the school, why not have a drainage system beneath the ground to keep the pitch from being soaked. Or why not install an astroturf pitch somewhere, just so students have somewhere to go.

Final note, an apology has been issued over the previous article, which - unsurprisingly, if you happened to have read it - was removed shortly thereafter. The comments were seen as being too offensive and personal, and thus it has been deleted, lost forever in the bowels of the internet, replaced by a promise that no other article of that severeness shall be published on Templar Truths again. So here's an official apology for those to whom it concerned. It shalln't happen again.

That's pretty much it. Unless you want a video of a monkey on a trike? You do?

Well I don't know where to find it. Tough luck.


Thor said...

I can give you monkeys on a bicycle:

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You have a LOT of free time, don't you Thor?