Tuesday, 15 January 2008

There's a ringing in my ears...

...and it's the fire bell.

Last week, the bell rang and everyone grumpily went outside. Safe to say, no one was particularly amused at this. But it was Thursday, it was Period 5, it brought so vague excitement to our dull lessons. Was it drill? Some said yes, some said no. This is Temple Moor, though, so the only person who really knows is God, and we're not even sure He exists. The fire engine turned up, though, so it possibly wasn't a drill. Now we've found out what caused it. Our sources say...steam. Yes, steam from the showers set off our fire alarm. Typical.

But worse, today in Period 1 that infernal bell let loose like some banshee with a cough. We walked outside where it was cold and raining. Talk about pathetic fallacy. But it gets better. Do you want to know why we were stood outside in the soaking rain? BSF, which stands for "Builders' Stupid Failure". They hit a cable, or something, which caused the system to alert us. Bravo, guys.

At this rate, we won't bother going out when there's a fire, or a helium gas leak or whatever disaster is wrought upon us by the builders.


Nick said...

Yeah, the detectors in the Sports Hall are all particle based. The trouble is, steam from the showers is a particle and the detectors can't tell the difference between the rare occurrence of students taking showers and something being on fire.

This could have been solved very easily if the building contractors had seen fit to install heat detectors instead. Go figure.

Qua? said...

None of the fire arlarms were drills.

Someone had purposefully set them off!

The school decided that after the first alarm, they weren't going to do a practice.

Incase you wanted to know!

Stryke said...

I think you'll find neither alarm was purposefully set off, "qua?". One was the showers being used (since it's such a rare occasion), and the other was the builders hitting an underground cable connecting to, you guessed it, the fire alarm. BSF are useful sods, to say the least.

Stryke said...

Sorry, that should've been useless, not useful. Go figure.

Belatu-Cadros said...

We just descided to ask the teachers about this one. All the information is correct. To an extent :P