Friday, 1 February 2008


So as it turns out the PD shop wont be next week but in fact the first week back on the Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. Supposedly not all the teachers have their pig stamps yet so come Monday most people wont be able to use the PD store. However as it turns out some tutors do have a pig stamp.

Well for starters, the first key issue is that the page is titled "PD voucher Stamps" although these don't look like vouchers, they look like pigs. Well that's what most people would say. But to me it looks like it has a testicle for a nose. Secondly, it's not exactly pink. It looks more like a red to me. And in the land of TMHS what does red mean? Underachievement. Fail. Awful. Get it away from me before I gouge my eyes out with a history textbook. How ironically fitting.

We'll do a poll for the colour. Let the Templars as a whole decide on the vindication of this fail. Also, if you have an opinion on the stamp, e-mail us it and we might post it.


Nick said...

You should have a 'Failometer" on each post, ranging from green (Not Much Fail) through amber (Marginal Fail) to the red (Total Fail).

Melaisis said...

I concur with Nick. Although it is verging on Warcraft-esque adjectives/ratings.

Why pigs, though? And, as you point out Cadros, why red? I really do fail to see the reasoning behind it. :/