Friday, 8 February 2008

Bye bye budget

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A few weeks past I was informed (by a reliable source) that the school, or at least the drama department has ridiculously blown its budget out of the metaphorical window. Apparently, the schools next production "Little Shop of Horrors" has broken the bank for the school. Although the show looks to have all the signs of a brilliant performance, the schools bank performance seems considerably less award worthy.

The story is that because the show is so high held in the performing circle it costs a lot of money to get the performing rights too, also some may know that within the show there is a large mechanical plant that has to be rented. I was informed that the school paid over £1000 for this one piece of equipment and apparently that's the cheapest it comes. The music departments yearly budget is around £2000, combine the cost with various other things needed for the show and the numbers get rather dizzying. Now, lets cast our minds back to one year gone by and to the last school production of "Bugsy Malone" (which i must was rather enjoyable) but to stay on topic this production also cost the school a fair old bit of money, a fair old bit of money that the school still need to pay out; around £200 of it.

So what does this tell us my fellow templars what does all this tell us. Well for a start the schools budgeting skills have a lot to be desired but also that the schools leading body doesn't believe it necessary to give the drama and music departments proper funding to make the show go as smoothly as possible, instead they believe it a better idea to under-fund them and cause panic and confusion to those who have enough of it putting up with actually trying to get the show done. It shows quite clearly how much certain pieces within the school are under valued, clearly the money doesn't go to anything worthwhile; lets face it the builders aren't exactly the cream of the crop, what is it now five fire bells in as many weeks as my fellow bloggers of pointed out.

I leave with this, my heart goes out to all those involved with the show as there's obviously a lot of pressure on you to do the best you can, under-funded or not I'm sure the show will be one of the best despite the schools plentiful slip ups. Good luck to you!

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Thanks for the good Luck!

The school budget is a pile of crap anyways, where does it go?


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