Monday, 25 February 2008

Car Park

The builders are up to more of their evil ways in their latest endeavour. Because their equipment take up a lot of space, teachers have now lost their parking spots and are now forced to park outside of school.
Brown Cow pub and behind the C0-op are two popular car parks for the teachers. However I wouldn't be surprised if people even park in Temple Newsam.

So that's another fail under the builders' belts. We might have tally up the fails and see who has more. The school or the builders.

In other news their is a rumour of a Temple Moor related sex video on the Internet somewhere. At this time we can't confirm this is true but as one writer put it "It's damn hot!"

Maths trip for year 11s tomorrow. And even though the people at Tempo-online won't have a clue what we're on about, we're still going to blog about it tomorrow.

[Commenting disabled on this post because you're all horny teenagers. Apart from the staff. Also, please don't post senseless comments elsewhere or we'll turn off comments all together!]