Friday, 8 February 2008

Drugs raid

Well, certainly an excuse for one.
Today Templars received a letter telling them about a passive drugs dog visiting the school (passive drugs dog? one that doesn't bite? Or does that mean it's just really chilled out all the time?) Pretty good ey? Templars will have an opportunity to "ask questions to the dog handler and their police colleagues." As part of the demonstration the dog will be circulating amongst pupils and if it finds anything "further action may be taken by the school, the police, or both". Does this or does this not just sound like an excuse for a drugs raid? I mean come on, they bring a drugs dog in and it sniffs around the pupils to see if they have any drugs, call it learning and bang! it's not a drugs raid, it's a "Drugs Awareness program." Yeah, you will certainly be made aware when you're in prison for possession!
Joking aside, this is a fairly good idea. Let's just hope the fire alarm doesn't go off halfway through this as well.

F43L adds..

A story which has been quite amusing since the letters were distributed today, I couldn't sit by and let Smoking Man alone take credit for breaking this news. But, importantly, I have to add that I feel it is a rather stupid idea. Not the drugs raid, but the fact we are warned in advance of it. I'm not sure whether we are forced to do so by law, or whether the school just didn't see the obvious flaw, but think about it - now the pupils likely to bring drugs with them will abstain from doing so until after the drugs raid. It's basically a letter telling potential drug handlers to hide their evidence before the police come. How stupid.

Thor says:
I hope the school now gets to sing Just Say No! And remember, kids, don't go planting drugs on your teachers.


Anonymous said...

Apparently, the drugs raid is taking place because year eights have been drug dealing on site!

Wombatlord said...

Drugs have always been at Temple Moor...

Just these new skool druggies are stupid in their execution of their nefarious deeds.

Really. Really. Really retarded though handing out a warning, and no, they aren't required to by law.

F43L said...

I didn't think they were. Disgraceful. And I've known about the Year 8's for ages... About bloody time.

Anonymous said...

Actually they do have to give notice. Police can only do drugs checks on people if they have reason to suspect they're carrying. They can't 'suspect' a whole class, year or school is carrying so they have to give notice to bring the dog in to the school unless they're only going to check 1 or 2 people. I wish you lot would check your facts before you started moaning.

Thor said...

Anonymous (the second one):
In F43L's defence, he did say: "I'm not sure whether we are forced to do so by law". We didn't say they weren't allowed to - that was wombatlord.

Anonymous said...