Monday, 18 February 2008

Deal or no deal?

Well, if you're at Temple Moor, definitely no deal.

The brilliant staff at temple moor thought it would be a wonderful idea to reward people for coming to school by holding a "deal or no deal" style assembly for every year. The idea being that everyone who was at school the whole week before half-term would have the chance to win some money, deal or no deal style. There would be "money" (in the form of HMV vouchers) in boxes ranging from 1p to £25 (a 1p HMV voucher? I'd love to see one of those) and one person would pick which boxes to open, while 10 others would stand behind the boxes and keep whatever was in their box. There was also a very retro phone which the 'banker' would 'ring up' and offer the person a 'deal'.

What actually happened was this: after severe technical difficulties, 11 people were picked at random, one to play the game and the others to open boxes, and were made (to their shock and humiliation) to stand up in front of the whole year and stand behind the boxes, while the 11th person (even more to their humiliation) had to pick what boxes to open. Halfway through, the host (fortunatly NOT Noel Edmonds) randomly picked up the phone saying "oohh the banker has an offer for you!", which was some obscure amount like £5.20 (for some reason), the picker rejected this humble offering and ruthlessly went on to walk away with something like 50p (in HMV vouchers?). In all a fairly lultastic amount of fail (as per usual at Temple Moor).

All we are trying to say is Temple Moor should not try to emulate a crappy TV show hosted by Noel Edmonds.


atomfox said...

I'm so glad I didn't get picked. How was that a reward? it was more like the Nazi's method of public humiliation for the Jews, are we all Jews to Temple Moor or do they just have the WORST ideas ever?

Qua? said...

It was 7p actually

And if you miss 30 days at school, you'll die young!

Shock horror!

And atomfox, both of those are true! We're the jews to the Nazis and they have really bad ideas

Oh and it's spelt "you're" not "your" smokingman!

Anonymous said...

The box with the orange lid always seems to be the one with £25 in it! And i agree...The school DO have bad ideas. Remember the comic relief auction?