Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Little Shop of Horrors

It's been mentionned here on numerous occasions, but now that the show has opened, it's only fair we devote a full article to the show. And we'll be as impartial as possible.

As writer Noodle previously wrote, the budget for the performance was blown on the flower alone; and after watching the show, it's easy to see why. Almost every scene saw a new, bigger plant introduced, resulting in it's final incarnation as the stage-dwarfing behemoth of fake foliage we saw by the end of the night. Whether it needed to be so massive, we're undecided (apparently it took 3/4 people inside the plant to lift it, making it appear to "speak" etc), but it certainly looked impressive. And though an odd one or two leaves has fallen off prior to the show, taking a bit of the sparkle from it, it still served to amuse the entire audience.

The rest of the stage looked mighty fine, and must've been a mammoth task to produce - including the inbuilt doors and shelves, and it never ceases to baffle quite where they obtained a dentist's chair.

The acting, in whole, was of a great standard - although, it must be noted, some of singing by the supporting cast was too quiet to make out. And certainly around the area in which one informant was sitting, it caused quite a stir amongst the crowd. It's only right to expect that not all of the cast would be immense singers, but at times it appeared they were mouthing but silent, which really did prevent the show reaching it's full potential. However, this may not be as much of an issue during the second and third nights of the show (tonight, and tomorrow), if those in question can try and work on it for the final shows.

All in all, whilst minor irritations did subtract from the atmosphere, it proved to be a great night for all, or at least the majority, of those in attendance. However, the school did seem slightly desperate to recoup some money of the back of the show; charging £5 for child's tickets and £7 for adults (though some people may not mind paying that ammount). It all depends on one's own perception, but to this "one"s perception, the cost was slightly overblown. Though feel free to disagree with me.

The website, which has already been discussed in passing, looks much less impressive however. Underpublicised, and rather bland, it certainly wouldn't have interested me to attend the show. So what, exactly, is it for? Nothing, we assume. Even now, with the final night only a day away, it has next to no content, and the "links" section is described as coming soon. The site will be obsolete by around 7pm tomorrow, how much sooner can it come?

All things considered, it's worth going to see. And whilst it's a bit late to convince you to attend tonight's performance in little over an hour, it's definately worth buying tickets at the door for tomorrow's final night showing. Not all Temple Moor shows have been this good, so we suggest you make the most. And whilst we're yet unsure what next year's play will be, we hope it can irradicate the nuisances in this year's show to make the subsequent one our best ever.

Thor: while this one was great, and we can hope next year's will be better (as F43L mentioned), do remember there's rumours floating around that the production will be High School Musical, the chirpy, happy Disney musical that's unreasonably popular. We will very likely boycott such a move.

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atomfox said...

If it is High..School...Musical *cough*, then I fear it might be the next stage of the HEADTEACHER'S plan to turn Temple Moor American. There would also be a higher chance that if the fire alarm went off while it was being rehearsed, it won't be another accident.