Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Official site in update shock

You read that title right. The hardly updated school website has been updated. Actually, it's been updated more regularly than ever before...and all since this blog started and we criticised the site. What am I implying? Make up your own minds.

The most noticeable change is the front page spiel from Mr Fleetwood. Actually, that's probably a good thing - he'd kept the same text as Sheriff put up. But the new version is a lot smaller. Fewer words by far. Bizarrely though, the text has massive gaps in between lines of text? Why is this? A quick peek at the page's source code (the HTML that is rendered by your browser into the page you see) reveals this code:
< p >Welcome to the website of Temple Moor High School Science College.< /p >
< p >&nbps< /p >
What does this mean? Well, sensibly, they've put the text in a paragraph (denoted by the < P > tags), but then they've added another paragraph and all that's in it is a space. The next paragraph starts after that. But < P > tags cause spacing between paragraphs anyway, so the extra paragraph is redundant. Not only this, but as you can see on the site, it looks awful.

There's some news! Sadly they've kept the news presentation as awful scrolling news with marquee> tags that were last cool in 1996.
Look at me! I'm text that moves. Temple Moor is excellent...moving text proves it.
One headline is this: "
Half Term Holidays - school closes Friday 8 February and reopens Monday 18 February". Out goes succinct, then. The actual article text is this: "School closes on Friday, 8 February and reopens on Monday, 18 February." Honestly. It's shorter than the headline and discloses no extra information. What's the point?

Spotted something awful on the site? Made a mock-up of how it should look? Or something else related to the official website? If so, stick it in the comments.

Sorry about the awful representation of HTML tags, but if you put them in, Blogger thinks it's code you want - even when wrapped with < code > tags.


Nick said...

Try using <pre> tags, or literally type something like:


To output the angle symbols as literal characters and not HTML.

Anonymous said...

And "the new school reception" is hardly new is it? they could at least put up one of those fancy pictures of what the school is aparently going to look like....