Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Drugs Raid

Today, all year 11 Templars were told that they would be having a visit from a drugs dog who was going to see if it could catch anyone 'red handed', so to speak.

The first surprise was the dog. Most people were expecting this huge vicious alsation, that snarled and growled and was generally scary, but no. It was a cute, lovable spaniel, who, by all accounts, 'just sniffed people'.

The second surprise was, only seemingly random forms from each year were picked to have this 'opportunity' (or drug-bust, as we call it), after everybody had been sent a letter saying that this would happen to them.

The third, and possibly most humorous surprise, was that this drugs raid turned out to be a necessity for a certain pupil in year 10 who, after presumably receiving the same letter that everyone else got telling them the time and date of the drugs raid, thought it would be a fabulous idea to bring some cannabis into school. What a clever chappie (aka complete tool).

Also, in all seriousness, why did the school see fit to warn us of this? surely the idea is to catch people who do bring drugs in to school and make an example of them, not warn everyone of the exact date and time it would be taking place, thereby enabling people who would normally bring drugs to school (an intensely bad idea if a may add) to not bring them in! (apart from the tool in year 10, who is just foolish, or maybe toolish)


Anonymous said...

15 susspects didnt even turn up for school...
I wonder why?

Nick said...

Screw sniffing the pupils, go sniff the lockers. If you walk around with drugs in your pocket all day you're amazingly stupid. Far more sensible is to just put them in your locker.

As for warning people in advance, it does kinda defeat the object entirely.

Anonymous said...

I heard that they had to give letters out to everyone for legal reasons otherwise they couldn't do it.

Melaisis said...

I concur with Nick, and not er... well, the second anonymous.

Technically, the police could come in and, providing they have grounds for reasonable suspicion, sniff the entire school for drugs. But, of course, good old Temple Moor did the smart thing of warning pupils to prevent this actually happening. I mean, we had it bad with the gas attack, but 'kids found with possession of hardcore drugs' really does make for a catchy headline.

If yer get ma drift.