Friday, 30 November 2007

Monthly Roundup

While no one actually tried to re-enact Guy Fawkes' plot to blow up the Houses of Parliament with Temple Moor, November's still been an exciting month. Well, "exciting" might be the wrong word. But here's what's happened:
  • Thanks to all of you who voted in the poll. 38 votes where cast - 35 of which voted Templar Truths as the best source of TMHS news on the web. Two people voted for the official website and one person voted for Tempo magazine. Those three have now been locked up permanently in the asylum, and we'll continue to deliver non-biased news for you.
  • Reader Emily decided to email us about Children In Need - good work!
  • A new newsletter - containing little news but plenty of letters - has been released, expect a review soon!
  • Congratulations to all those Year 11s who completed their trial exams, especially those of you who did well but are failed by the flawed RAG analysis system
  • In one of our first posts - this one - we mentioned the Titler bin, and we later on promised to give you exclusive photos. Well, readers, that time is now. Why has the school not amended this pseudo-Nazi reference? Maybe because they're a fascist administration, too...
  • The school has started selling raincoats, mainly for those who partake in after-school sports clubs. The raincoats have the school logo...and cost a hugely ripping-off price of £25!
  • In further frugal news, Temple Moor charges 10p for ketchup sachets, which one pupil has told us is unfair. We agree.
Remember to email us your tales of TMHS woe or delight. But before you do, have a look where the Science College extra cash really got spent:

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Steamy poo. If only Fleetwood payed more attention to things like that.