Thursday, 15 November 2007

Network Failure

Isn't it great when a school runs a fast network capable of transferring files quickly and easily? well, it might be, but as we go to temple moor, we have no access to such a privileged thing.

we were in IT today, and we were trying to put videos into a website we've been creating over the last few weeks, a simple task, one would assume. All we had to do was copy the videos to our user area, then use something called "Serif WebPlus 10" (more on that in a later blog) to add the videos to our website. Like i said, simple. Alas, no. Each user area has a size limit of 40mb imposed on it meaning, because of the file sizes of some of these videos - the largest one was 68mb, and there was about 5-7 videos - it caused us to go over the allocated limit by 200mb. This caused a major strain on the network, as did all the file transfers going on, leading to the entire student network grinding to a painfully slow halt. Simple operations such as clicking a button took upwards of 10 minutes, and this wasn't just affecting our ICT class. School wide, the network ground to a halt.

We spoke to an IT teacher, and he said "The network just can't cope with what we need to do."
Temple Moor is hoping to upgrade the network if when the BSF project is ever has finished


Anonymous said...

Typical... what a pisstake

Anonymous said...

As with everything else at Temple Moor, the computer system is shit.