Monday, 19 November 2007

You call that a fight?

"shak v danni" - a Temple Moor fight on YouTube

The above video - uploaded by liss1994 - depicts "shak nd danni avin a fight". With an audience dressed in PE uniform and a mobile phone with video capability ready to capture the action, the stage is set...for this fight. Punches are thrown, legs are kicked out and a lot of other stuff happens. But why? What's the point? While fighting might solve some of the world's problems - it got rid of Hitler, didn't it? - this one seems to be pointless. And even if there is a point, the audience is left wondering what this point is.

But the real question is: where's the teacher? Generally with Temple Moor fights, a small crowd gathers, which causes dozens of people from all year groups to flock to one area. Everyone's screaming "fight" and the crowd is massive, then a teacher comes along. Usually, no-one's hit anyone else - it's just a crowd-drawing ploy and nothing happens.

But when there's a real fight - assuming the YouTube footage isn't faked (what sort of fight begins "go on, then, go on" from a spectator?) - the teachers seem to be oblivious.

Oh, and to anyone thinking of fighting and putting it on Temple Moor, this is how you do it:

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you know me! i'm back! said...

omg! i saw that fight. it was funny. they fight like the 3 blind mice in wheelchairs! hehehe i'm back.....mwhahahahaha!