Friday, 2 November 2007

Monthly Roundup

October's been a fairly quiet Templar month, but we have had a week-long holiday. Here's some stuff that's also been happening:
  • Nearly all those who voted reckon that the school's infamous chlorine gas explosion was caused by a stupid builder.
  • The second-most popular theory behind the gas attack was conspiracy by the headmaster.
  • Our email inbox has been spam. Mohamed Ibrahim, for example, wants to give us lots of money, apparently. However, he's unreliable. Please start sending in your Templar truths, or we might just forget the email address.
  • One pupil was told he'd have to pay up 30p for a new exercise book after doing a small doodle in his new one. Thus far, he's not had to pay for this outrageous idiocy.
  • Temple Moor's self-billed "sxc super heros" are on YouTube, singing. Take a look:

    Now you've seen it, ask yourself: what? Clearly there's no singing talent and it's giving the pupils of Temple Moor a bad name. It's absolutely atrocious stuff. We want videos of chlorine gas leaks and Temple Moor farces, not students singing badly.
Please send us your tales of Temple Moor lunacy, idiocy or even brilliance. The email address is, and we'd love to hear your stories, which we'll put in the next monthly roundup.

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