Sunday, 25 November 2007

Muddy floors

The school that brought you chlorine gas attacks and epically slow computer networks now presents muddy floors. No, really.

The Sports Hall's floor is usually kept clean for those participating in sports. That's only when it's being used for sports, of course. Which is usually never. But this week, those in Year 11 taking mock trial exams might have noticed that the floor is covered in dirt and mud.

You see, BSF has blocked the Sports Hall entrance with its building of...whatever they're actually doing (gas chambers, we reckon). For exam-takers, this means they must go round the back. After exiting the gym and crossing muddy ground there, and then crossing muddy ground around the Sports Hall, everybody's shoes are caked in mud. This mud is then transferred onto the Sports Hall floor while wandering around trying to find one's seat. Then it manages to be rubbed into the floor while a bored pupil sits there, having finished half an hour early.

So why am I complaining about this? Because we're always told to take off our shoes/football boots/trainers when entering the Sports Hall - but now it's allowed to be ruined by dirt? "Ah, but we can't have pupils completing exams barefoot" says Temple Moor's (imaginary) spokesperson. Well then why don't you allow pupils to keep footwear on their feet for those awful standards assemblies or when they're coming in from PE?

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