Saturday, 24 November 2007

ONE of us isn't a sellout

I, personally, offer my most sincere, sincere apologies for the disgraceful, tear-inducing article about the school being run by aliens, posted by Belatu not long ago. The reason for it is that, apart from myself, every member of the blog is obscenely terrified that Temple Moor High School Science College will bring action against them for being part of a blog that fails to promote the school in the manner in which it would like.

I have assured the other bloggers that nothing will come of the school's (so far unconfirmed) warning. We don't even know for sure if the school are serious - but if they are, let me be the first to laugh out loud.

By posting the foolish, cringe-worthy article about aliens, which comes with a free poorly editted picture that makes me want to punch Belatu-Cadros, the rest of the blog believed we could escape threat. But - as I have pointed out so many times my voice is hoarse - the school have no course of action to take against us.

We are FULLY WITHIN OUR RIGHTS to post everything that we have - read the disclaimer, morons. We never claim that everything on the blog is entirely factual, and we maintain our right to exaggerate for comedic effect. But the outrageously wimpy article about aliens takes that to an extreme.

Temple Moor, if you REALLY do intend to take action, let us know immediately. I'll get a paramedic team on hand in case I laugh myself unconscious.

ONE of us is NOT a sellout. That one would be me.

And if anyone removes this article, then not only has the blog lost it's only sense-seeing writer, but a full list of names of those involved may find itself to Fleety's office. NOW you have a reason to worry. SO LEAVE THIS ARTICLE.

Thor (not really the Norse god) would like to agree with the above statement.

Make that three: Smoking Man (really, him off The X-Files) wants to add his name to non-sellouting.

Belatu-Cadros (Who?) would like to note that the Aliens post was, however linked with the schools knowledge of the blog, would like to state that the intentions for the actual post are not the same as the ones stated above. He appologies for any confusion it may have caused however as one of the Blog Admins, he'd like posts like this ran through him first.
Templar truths will continue to write the truth.


Belatu-Cadros said...

Really? What was the point with this post? If you have a problem you talk to me in person not like this.

Melaisis said...


Anyway, it's nice to know my opinions are being heard. ;)

Nick said...

Beware the wrath of the school! I used to run - which was created with the permission of the then head Mr. Ivor Reese. Next thing I know I'm being threatened with legal action for using the school's name.

You're fine though since you clearly state it's not an official school approved site. You might run into trouble about using the school's logo in yours though, I don't think it counts as parody.

Reisen said...

This blog is no way touchable for the school. The internet doesn't have laws. I had one teacher argue (in a general studies lesson) about taking this to union.

Good luck. Tesco allowed airing of several episodes of Trever McDonald bashing them. DEFRA haven't sparked fuss about Jamie Oliver. Pupil based opinons (and some of this site is factual :) ) on an American based website does not follow English (and therefore the same union laws) as you might think. Oh no. The school doesn't really have a right to take action at all. This is a pupil based unofficial website for students to vent their anger and observations. If anything they should have kept quiet about knowing this exists, and adressed the problems which have come up within several articles.