Thursday, 8 November 2007

Post-16 Education Evening

Here's what Templar writers and pupils have to say about Post-16 Education Evening:
  • Why isn't it called "Sixth Form Opening Evening", which would be more adequate?
  • The heating was immense
  • Every subject seemed to be packed into the Drama Studio or W1, which meant huge crowds shuffling around
  • The prospectus' introduction was accredited to "R Sherriff, Headteacher". We know the school's into recycling, but this is a bit much!
  • It was bloody hot in there
  • Revelations about one teacher beating pupils - was it mere joking?
  • Subject teachers had a tendency to grab you and shove leaflets in your hands, while explaining why their subject is perfect for all your other choices
  • To cool down, one needed to remove their skin (and buy a fan)
  • Temple Moor is partnered with Brigshaw, but pick Temple Moor, it's ever so great!
  • Mr Fleetwood admitted that he'd probably make up good things, but did say Oftsed marked the school's Sixth Form as "good". Hardly brilliant, then?
  • Because of so many courses for those who maybe aren't so good at getting GCSEs, there's course which mean you could stay there until Year 15 (which they've just invented)
  • You could go to the Sahara at noon and be cooler
  • Some pupils found it "informative"
  • Low-income households (less than £30,000ish per year) mean pupils get £30 a week, or, as we like to call it, free money!
In short, it was a pro-TMHS marathon, with teachers persuading kids to take their courses. And it was a bit warm, too.


Anonymous said...

Please note: an Ofsted (and you spelt it wrong) report of 'Good' is pretty damn good. If any school gets an 'Excelling' then it must be PERFECT in every sense of the word. There is no way Temple moor is going to acheive that. Rant 1 over.

Melaisis said...

Did you even notice the typos on the questionnaires? :D