Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Non-Uniform Day Cancelled

UPDATE: At the end of the year, the form with the most credits (once negative comments have been subtracted) will get their own non-uniform day. But with the troubled PD system, this is hardly fair. Also, if students bring in 20p tomorrow, break will be extended by ten minutes. This works out at £54 per extra minute, just for those in year 11. This amount of money is ridiculous! While it does go to charity, the "prize" of donation is measly for what's being asked.

It's a day students of Temple Moor rejoice in. The day when you can leave that house tie, jumper and drab grey trousers at home, and wear whatever you like (within reason, of course). Usually a non-uniform day coincides with Children In Need. Not this year. The TMHS powers that be have seen fit to cancel non-uniform day.

Standards, they say, are slipping. We don't pick up our litter, we don't show respect to teachers and our behaviour would shame prison convicts. And the punishment they've dreamt up is making us wear uniform. And the students are, well, outraged at this decision. And let's be honest here, it's not hard to see why.

Every year there's a non-uniform day. We donate money which goes to the charitable cause of Children In Need, so we can all sleep easy that night knowing we've helped some children somewhere. This year, however we won't. We've been denied that simple ritual, and we're quite right to be shocked.

But don't worry. We've heard that pupils can still bring in money and it'll count. The form which raises the most money will get their own private non-uniform day. Is the school thinking this will work? People won't pay to stay in uniform, only to be reconciled at a later date. Similarly, people won't want to donate in case their form doesn't win - they'll have paid and won't even get a non-uniform day. One teacher was asked about the move to cancel non-uniform, and used the words "mean" and "horrible".

Temple Moor seems to think bad behaviour can be dealt with via punishment. It very well might do. But equally, it could make the pupils behave worse...


Anonymous said...

To be honest

In year 11 and with Exams coming up

We actually NEED lesson time!

And tbh

Cancelling non-uniform day


Shoot him now!

Anonymous said...

the man needs a slap