Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Pupils to get a say in school's running

Today it was revealed to some forms and all school council members that pupils are going to be given a chance to have a say in part of the school. For once, we at Templar Truths like this idea. It's brilliant to give the kids - who are the people who really matter at Temple Moor - a say in what goes on. After all, they're the ones who deal with it.

But there's a downside. Pupils will (or in some cases already have) vote for which area needs most attention from the students. There's seven choices:
  1. New build's layout, social areas, and stuff like that
  2. New ICT technology
  3. Lessons and teaching
  4. Healthy school meals
  5. House competitions
  6. PD system
  7. Bullying
Clearly what's most important here is the new build - we don't want to pass up the opportunity to say how our school's physical aspects should be - and the atrocious, flawed PD system. If enough sane pupils opt for voicing opinion on the PD system, perhaps we won't have to suffer under its idiocy.

Whether or not student ideas will be listened to is another matter entirely.


Bob Geldof said...

the thing about them listening to our ideas about plans for the school is an absolute sham as the plans have been finalized.

Nick said...

Not happening. I've been a student council rep every one of my 8 years at the school, and I think we managed to achieve a sum total of sweet FA, except for a momentous occasion when the entirety of the 6th Form refused to give up their computer lab for a Year 9 IT lesson, since we had small things like A Levels to complete whilst the Year 9s had the essential task of learning to add a photo to a PowerPoint presentation.

We were asked about our ideas for BSF as well. None of them made it to the final plans, but they somehow managed to turn "decent performance space, real air conditioning, and refit the labs please" into "4 changing rooms, 2 sports halls, a fitness suite, a hydrotherapy suite, and a set of PE classrooms whilst the rest of the school gets a token lick of paint".